To Hit Your Goals, Get Help

How to make this partnership work:

  1. Tell them your goals. Focus on 1-2 goals, and tell your partners why you think you cannot accomplish those goals on your own. What are your mental roadblocks or resource constraints? What’s holding you back? What do you need that only they can give you?
  2. Ask for feedback in a specific area. There might be 1,001 things you need to work on, but knowing everything at once can overwhelm you. Have your partners set one or two priorities for you.
  3. Have them catch you in the act. Sometimes when people give us feedback, we don’t get it. But if partners catch us doing something wrong, then it makes it clear what we’re doing wrong. I always prompt readers to tell me when my posts are too long winded, for example. Having concrete examples helps. So if you need help with a presentation, do a run-through for them or at least let them comment on a draft of your speech.
  4. Check in regularly. Everyone gets busy, including our accountability partners. Set up a 15-20 minute check-in either once a week or bi-monthly. Use this time to review what is and isn’t working and why. If that’s not possible, then use a feedback form or email exchange.

Now I want to know, who held you accountable in 2014, and what goals were you able to accomplish? Do you have additional techniques you’d like to add to the list above? Let me know in the comments below.


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